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Hello all! I'm Pixie and I developed Re-Play off the back of many hours of self development and rooting around in the dark parts of my mind trying to fathom what was wrong with me! 

Re-Play came about during a session with my psychiatrist who told me that I'd never learnt how to play properly as a child. 


My childhood is spattered with a lot of different experiences. I use the term experiences loosely. Sadly I was traumatised. With nowhere to turn and being told repeatedly by Drs that I'd need to join groups before they would consider offering one-one help I retreated in on myself even more. No way was I ready to gush about my experiences to a bunch of random people! Some experiences were particularly harrowing for a start!

After lots of visits to my GP I was finally referred. Over the course of 3 hours my psychiatrist went through everything that I had been through between the ages of 3-14.  Thus she came to her conclusion. Play is what was needed. 

What does play mean to me?

Play is something that our children and pets do instinctively, it's about living in the moment, being able to share laughter and fun without inhibitions. It's about not caring what other people think (which is really hard!).

How can Re-Play help me to be present?

Re-Play brings together different techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, visualisation and play activities in order for you to be more in the moment and less in the past and the future. When we are in the moment we become more like our childhood selves. Without realising we can encourage self healing of our inner child through using these techniques. 

If I can help just one person realise their potential, help them shrug off  limiting self beliefs that have been instilled in them since being children, I have done my job!



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