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Benefits of Play

Play is an important part of the human experience. Everything we have learned as children has come through some kind of play modality. We made sense of our world through the art of playing. 

As we get older play is seen as being infantile and something you did when you were younger. It's certainly not something you consider CEOs of companies doing. 

"No matter what role you have, adding play can help increase your chances of success and your ability to do creative and productive work. Even if you love the work that you do, it's fun to get away from it and have an objective-free space to unwind and reset yourself... A lack of play should be treated like malnutrition: it's a health risk to your body and mind."

Stuart Brown (Psychiatrist)


Our brains, as adults, can still be re-programmed (it just takes a while longer) to let go of self limiting beliefs and low self worth issues through play. 

Play is an efficient and non wallet busting way to become the best person you can be. It's not therapy, it's Thera-Play. 


Helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones. 


Increases emotional wellbeing.


Prevents burn out at work.


Stimulates the brain and improves function. 


Less stress. 


Improves relationships with yourself and others 


Heals emotional wounds.