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Inner Child Coaching 

Personal Thera-Play

What does your inner child look like?

Is it screaming in a heap on the floor? Does it need a bit of a pick-me-up? Or is it just too sad to function? Mine used to be all of those things. Retreating in the darkness like a scared mouse, not wanting to interact with people or show them my authentic self. 

Whatever you may have experienced as a child,  your inner child will show up in all of it's tantrumming glory when you are an adult.

Scientifically speaking everyone has an inner child, it is the "being" that stops us from doing something for fear of failing or looking stupid. 

Our inner child can cause a whole rucksack of issues for us as we get older from choosing bad relationships, not succeeding in life, feeling like we have no sense of purpose or constantly questioning everything and everyone. 

Your inner child will see the world as this big scary place where nobody can be trusted. 

Benefits of Coaching 

With coaching you can start to lift all those self limiting beliefs you have been taught, re-parent your inner child and above all repair your brain into having positive experiences and engaging with opportunities. 

Just as sports people need coaches to succeed so do we in order to deal with our past issues and drive forward to our full potential! 

The Toe-Dipper


Ideal for those of you who have never been coached before. and want to see immediate benefits to working with your inner child.

We will work with one main issue. 

  • 4 x  hours of one-one coaching via video calling.. Across a period of 1-2  months

  • Opportunity to book adhoc coaching sessions 

Meet in the Middle


For those of you who have had coaching before or just want to throw yourself into it as much as possible to glean the best results. 

  • 7 x hours of one-one  coaching over a period of  2-3 months

  • Weekly emails checking on your progress




Want to completely overhaul your life and your entire self belief system? This is the package for you! 


  • 12 x hours of one-one coaching over a period of 4-6 months 

  • Weekly emails checking on your progress

  • Workbook  tailored to your needs and requirements.

  • Access to your coach via text