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"Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible".

 Paulo Coelho

So what is an inner child and why do I have one?


We all have an inner child, it is that part of us that still reacts as a child during certain issues which we haven't yet dealt with.


The Inner child has been embraced by New-Age movements and self-help types and thus the term has become a bit of a cliche'

The term actually comes from a concept from psychotherapy and has many names such as "the child within", "child archetype", "wonder child" or the "wounded child" 

It does not mean that there's a little child living inside you, The general idea is that a childlike aspect is contained within our subconscious. This "child" holds all the repressed emotions whether positive or negative from your own childhood. 

What is the best way to help my inner child?

The best and most effective way to help our inner child is to play. To change the habits that we have held in our psyche for so long.

What can Re-Play help me with?

  • Low self-esteem

  • Poor body-image,

  • Mood and emotional imbalances,

  • Problems with boundaries being too rigid or too weak,

  • Problems with eating,

  • Harming yourself,

  • Psycho-sexual difficulties,

  • Being ‘false’ and wearing ‘masks’, identity problems,

  • Being a rebel

  • Being a hoarder

  • Bullying behaviour

  • Perennial victim or a super-achiever,

  • Intimacy problems,

  • Commitment problems,

  • A lack of trust in yourself and others,

  • Criminal behaviour,

  • Excessive lying,

  • Being ‘overly-responsible’ for others,

  • being fiercely competitive and a poor loser,

  • dependencies and addictions,

  • a lack of genuine friends,

  • obsessive and needy behaviour,

  • fear of authority figures,

  • being manipulative,

  • being passive, or being aggressive.

One of the most effective ways to help our inner child is to play and Re-Play have that covered!